A full identity theft solution

These days, identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere. An IdentityProtector membership makes protecting yourself convenient and easy.

Prepare to prevent

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive quiz quickly and easily determines how likely you are to become a victim of identity theft.

Identity Theft Prevention Guide

Easy-to-read information and specific action steps that will help you protect your identity.

Personal Data Registration

Register credit cards and important documents by phone, mail, or online to reduce security risk in the event of loss or theft.

Fraud Alerts

Requires creditors to verify identification before extending new accounts in your name.

Watch to detect

Credit Report, Score and Monitoring

Unlimited online access to your credit report and score, along with regular updates that cover inquiries, new accounts, derogatory information — even no activity, so you can be confident your credit is secure.

Identity Monitoring

Automatic online monitoring of your personal information by two leading sources to predict Identity Risk Status and alert you if your personal information is at risk.

Credit 101 Guide

Read up on credit-related information and take control of your financial well-being.

Ready to resolve

One Toll-free Number

Unlimited, 24,7 toll-free access to our Fraud Specialists for all of your identity theft-related questions and concerns.

Lost/Stolen Notification

Immediate assistance with lost, stolen or destroyed cards.

Identity Theft Victim’s Guide

Detailed instructions and prewritten letters you can use to clear your name with creditors, credit bureaus, and police and government agencies.

Emergency Cash & Travel Assistance

Emergency cash advance, airline tickets or even hotel or car reservations from one of your registered cards to cover expenses if an emergency situation arises (up to credit limit on registered credit card).

Purse/Wallet & Content Rebates

Get reimbursed if you need to replace a lost/stolen purse or wallet and its contents.